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Smoked tofu furnace equipment performance characteristics

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        Smoked tofu furnace is our flagship food machinery , the use of advanced design, fine craftsmanship , quality assurance and technical level to stay ahead in the same industry .
        China Steel Series smoked tofu oven made of stainless steel , with a smoky , drying, baking and other functions , the user can process products according to different requirements , and choose the right technology program , to achieve the purpose of curing and sterilization . Tofu smoke host ovens are filled with imported high temperature resistant frame sandwich polyurethane foam molding, so that the effect of enhanced insulation , sealing, and energy efficient. Automatic oven smoked tofu touch screen, programmable controllers and relays , solenoid valves and other key electrical components are imported products . Large windows interface, vivid visual display equipment operating status , they can always adjust the time, temperature , exhaust size state parameters in the operation , the operation is very simple. Excellent smoke and circulatory system , allows the furnace smoke evenly distributed , so that the meat evenly colored , beautiful color , to ensure that products have a high production rate.
       My company is a fully automatic oven cooking smoked tofu , dried , smoked, colored in one of the automatic furnace smoked tofu , after a nice smoked food color , there is a smell of smoke after , feels not greasy , but also to achieve environmental results, thoroughly smoked tofu instead of the traditional oven method , saving the labor of workers , improve work efficiency, but also enhances the taste of food and elasticity. Using programmable control , easy to operate. Dried , cooked , smoked three processes can set the time automatically converted automatically adjust the temperature according to the set value , process ends automatically display ; main air circulating fan evenly , so that the furnace body temperature uniformity , the machine uses a special double stainless steel radiator, furnace temperature rapid heating, drying with excellent results, and related products used with the current domestic coil radiator, two warming effect is incomparable. Mode using set parameters , wide versatility , automatic operation parameters can be corrected .


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