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Liquid food packaging machinery market analysis

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      In the long run , China's beverage, wine, cooking oil and spices and other liquid food industry there is still much room for growth, especially in rural areas to enhance spending power will greatly boost their consumption of beverages and other liquid food . In short, the rapid development of downstream industries and people's quality of life in the pursuit inevitably require businesses to invest in appropriate packaging equipment to meet the needs of production , but will also precision packaging machinery , intelligent , high-speed demanding higher levels Therefore, our liquid food packaging machinery will appear more promising market .
       Liquid food packaging machinery , with the continuous innovation and the emergence of new packaging materials and packaging technology development. Since the 1960s , a new leaf material gradually replace the traditional packaging materials, especially after the use of plastic packaging materials , liquid food packaging machinery major changes began to occur . Meanwhile , the rise of supermarkets , especially for packaging liquid food packaging also presents updated requirements. Currently, liquid food packaging materials are divided into paper , plastic, glass and metal of the four material, these four materials Youyi bags , PET plastic bottles, paper packaging , glass bottles and cans that several major packaged form -based, which PET bottles for its transparency , high strength , versatile , light weight , easy recovery and so become the main beverage packaging material , and gradually has been widely applied to other liquid food packaging. PET bottles and PET bottle stretch blow technology used in soft drinks, beer , cooking oil and spices hot filling , the temperature filling technology and the now popular aseptic cold filling technology gradually promote China PET bottle for liquid food packaging machinery boom development.
         Liquid food packaging machinery market size analysis:
      In recent years, liquid food packaging machinery industry is developing rapidly , the industry average annual sales growth rate of 20%. 2011 of liquid food packaging machinery sales of about 29 billion yuan , an increase of 21%. The next few years , with the sustained and rapid development of China's beverage and liquid food industry, liquid food packaging machinery import substitution and export growth , domestic sales of liquid food packaging machinery industry will maintain an average annual growth of 15% -20% rate is expected to 2017 its sales will exceed $ 70 billion. With the increasing maturity of PET bottles are widely used in beverage, wine, cooking oil , spices and other liquid food packaging and liquid food filling the field of technology , our PET bottles of liquid food packaging machinery will have a broader market space.
      According to statistics, China's output of liquid foods in 2011 to 250.9 billion liters , a reasonable assumption , the proportion of applications in 2011 PET bottles of liquid food packaging in 36% ; volume of a single bottle of 400ml; equipment capacity of 19,000 bottles / hour ; equipment operating time of 5,000 years of hours / year ; life of each piece of equipment is 15 years. Accordingly estimates , in 2011 China's PET bottle filling equipment for liquid food demand of 391 sets , as China's rapid development of liquid food industry and continually improve the application of PET bottles in the proportion of liquid food packaging liquid foods in PET bottle of demand for packaging materials blowing, filling and secondary packaging equipment will continue to be released, is expected to market demand in 2017 will be more than 900 sets.

         In addition , beverages and other liquid food industry paid more attention to contemporary popular aseptic cold filling production line has reached a new height, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Tingyi , Huiyuan , Dali and many other large beverage producers are considering adoption or increase sterile cold filling line . Preliminary estimates , the market demand in 2011 of PET bottle aseptic cold filling is 28 sets of equipment , with the PET bottle aseptic cold filling equipment to improve the level of technology and beverage manufacturers of aseptic cold filling device adoption rates the increase is expected to market in 2017, China's demand for nearly 70 sets.

       Meanwhile , PET bottle blowing equipment for its irrigation spin in one package to reduce production costs, reduce intermediate links , to adapt to the trend of lightweight bottles , improve product quality and stability, and so embodied technical and cost advantages , are increasingly being liquid food production enterprises used . Integrated irrigation spin outfit blowing mainly used in the early PET bottled drinking water production, now gradually extended to room temperature filling carbonated beverage , tea, juice , sports drinks hot filling , super clean and sterile filling filling on . And one of the more advanced ultra-lightweight PET bottle blowing equipment has been integrated irrigation spin few years of development , has made great progress in terms of applicability and technical level of equipment products , showing good prospects for development. Preliminary estimates, in 2011 China's liquid food industry demand for PET bottle blowing equipment irrigation spin one of 41 sets of 2017 will reach 136 sets.

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