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Smoked chicken smoked furnace body characteristics

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Smoked chicken smoked furnace whose main functions are cooking , drying , smoking ( color ) , the company offers smoked furnace for customers to do the experiment , to allow customers to buy the rest assured . Smoked chicken smoked furnace can be adjusted according to the customer smoked chicken smoked chicken color process , from the initial yellow to maroon , can achieve the desired results .
      The machine is made of 304 stainless steel , the company set up different models according to customer production , small models of one hour 30 kg , large model one hour up to 1000 kg , can be customized according to the customer 's plant equipment , smoked chicken smoked furnace built-in heating coil walls of the furnace , so that a uniform color smoked chicken . Secondly smoked chicken with smoked furnace for customers trays , hooks, trolleys , allowing customers to use more convenient .
       Smoked chicken smoked furnace can also apply other products such as smoked duck , smoked fish , make bacon, sausage and other meat products , smoked immediately following talk furnace body features:
● The machine exists steam heating ( cooking ) , hot air ( drying or baking ) , smoked, exhaust and other effects.
● comply with user requests can be freely combined to achieve a variety of processing technology, capable of storing a plurality of fixed- French model , available for users to misappropriation.
● steam heating temperature, combined with individual users or set the device to place the steam generator boilers .
● using double stainless steel structure, thick sandwich filled with insulation materials, land consumption.
● the process parameters ( time , temperature, etc. ) by the electrical control panel comprehensive control ensures cut correct.
● mechanical work completed or halfway flash failure, the presence of active alarm function.
● There are two temperature sensing and a humidity detection .

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