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Smoked Sausage furnace equipment performance characteristics

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Oven smoked sausage , sausage dryer , sausage drying equipment performance characteristics:
1 , the box is smoked in the introduction, digestion developed a similar product based on the technology in Germany next generation products with low energy consumption and temperature rise faster and so on.
2 , designed by the German cycling fan impeller , circulating air duct structure , improve the wind speed by 25% , more uniform wind , the temperature difference is smaller cabinets , to a greater extent to ensure the consistency of flow conditions inside the box to the points .
3 , the device uses "U" type steam heat exchanger structure and improve the heat transfer area of 70 %, accelerating the heating rate , to ensure product consistency and heat rise fast .
4, the device has a function of temperature and exhaust gas strong power to ensure uniformity of product drying and accelerate the drying process and shorten the processing time .
5 , the device uses a two-speed circulating blower and a strong two-speed exhaust fan , each fan power is only 0.9/3KW, reduce electric power consumption by 30%. Fan motor bearings at both ends fitted with refueling nozzle .
6 , the device uses pneumatic pilot valve to control the flow of steam , steam pneumatic valve made of stainless steel , temperature control accurate , stable and reliable operation.
7 , the outer wall of cabinets SUS304 high quality stainless steel , floor 4 mm, internal and external side 1.5 mm, the roof 1.5 mm, inner and outer door panels 1.5 mm, wind deflector (304L) 1.5mm.
8 , the device uses high-quality seal, sealed, leak steam leak smoke .
9 , devices with exit devices , from smoked box inside open the door . When the door is open , you can stay in the 95 degree angle position , no automatic switching phenomenon .
10 , the device uses high-temperature mineral wool insulation materials for cabinet , thickness 60mm, holding tight, smooth appearance .
11 , device configuration special cleaning device , with automatic cleaning function , capable of cleaning inside the points .
12 , smoked cigarettes into the box configuration structure , and a smoke damper is adjustable ; flue pipe is short, less pollution , easy washable . Smoke is made of SUS304 stainless steel , suitable for standard wood grain fuming ; equipped with a temperature sensor smoke and fire sprinklers, fire burning to prevent the wood grain ; according to processing needs to control smog concentrations.
13 , the device adopts the man-machine interface control Willen through 10 inches touch- control screen, Omron PLC programmable controller. Computer control program runs the entire process , the ability to dynamically display the current running process , set the time, run time, set the temperature, set the furnace body temperature , humidity, product temperature can be displayed smoked tank valve body , fans and other equipment operating status , alarm status and other parameters screen. Modified with a single piece of equipment in the operation of setting the parameters , select the function setting process ; has an alarm function that can audible alarm .
14 , the user can modify according to different process requirements set parameters, select the setup process ; control system based on the selected program can be dried , smoked, cooked , baked whole process to achieve automatic control.
15 , equipment electrical components used Omron, Schneider and other imported or joint venture brands , appliances and components protection class IP55 or more.
     Oven smoked sausage , sausage dryer , sausage drying equipment China Steel Machinery perennial provides food smoked fuming furnace system external wood grain , wood smoke system, not only the product produced fruit aroma , but also can make products as smoked Deep and gold. Split sugar fuming furnace system, smoked traditional Chinese products , produce unique sugar smoked flavor, and the color can be controlled , could become the deepest maroon . Two kinds of smoke while using the system can produce a unique smoky aroma and color. Wood grain on the door fuming system , using advanced technology in the world fuming cycle , hypoxia fuming , shortening the length of the flue , reduce energy consumption , reduce equipment footprint.
     Our annual production of various types of smoked furnace , semi- smoked oven , steam oven smoked , steamed smoked machines, 250 smoked furnace, 500 smoked furnace, etc. If you see a product does not meet your requirements, please contact us, we can produce according to your needs !

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